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Rock Bottom led to breakthroughs 
Since 2020, I empower professionals in defining their unique value proposition, crafting a Personal Brand to communicate their identity more confidently. 

In 2023, I forgot myself and worked myself to the bone. I'd lost my energy, my confidence and self-belief. Leveling up with a mentor was my answer.

The Result 
The result of working with a mentor was a deep-dive into my personality and face old patterns with a drive to reignite my lion power. During a two-month sabbatical traveling through Turkey, USA and Mexico, I trained my mind daily and culminated in the breakthrough of a 12-week Branding program for high potential female leaders. 

Women Equality
After working with institutions such as the Cherie Blair Foundation, African Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum and being Head of Branding & Communications at TedX Amsterdam Women, my dedication to promoting equal opportunities for women is unwaveringly strong.

12-Week Branding Program 
The 12 weeks embody my Personal Branding expertise, consistent mind training and include my experiences and scars. I’m back with renewed energy, confidence and fire in my eyes. Email here for more information.


Why is Personal Branding important?

The quality of your people determines the quality of your company. Their skills, talents and personalities are the reason why your company exists. Are they trusted by your audience? 

People do business with people
Knowing their expertise, competencies, qualities and understanding what they’re great at, will give your female employees more confidence. It will also give them credibility towards clients, colleagues, a business relationship. 


What happens if an individual feels confident and trusted in their role? Exactly! They shine, grow, expand and inherent to this is that they realize professional objectives.  

Ideal Clientele
The only way how I can add my value, is focusing on organizations that are open to change and innovation to realize the best results with their most important asset.. female employees. 

Are you an organization that

  • proudly promotes to invest in your female employees?

  • invests in personal development of female employees?

  • has Diversity and Inclusion goals? 

All yesses? Then we could be a match.

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Send your request now for my 12 week Branding Program. Fill out your contact details. It will be a pleasure to meet you. 

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