Why is Personal Branding important?

The quality of your people determines the quality of your company. Their skills, talents and personalities are the reason why your company exists. Are they trusted by your audience? 

People buy from people
Knowing their expertise, competencies, qualities and understanding what they’re great at, will give your people more confidence. It will also give them credibility towards clients, colleagues, students, simply a relationship. 

It's about Contentment

What happens if an individual feels confident and trusted in their role? Exactly! They shine, grow, expand and inherent to this is that they realize professional objectives.  


My Ideal Client
Of course I could partner with every organization. The only way
how I can add my value, is focusing on organizations that are open to change and innovation to realize the best results with their most important asset.. their people. 

Are you an organization that

  • proudly promotes to invest in your people? 

  • invests in personal development of your people?

  • constantly organizes events to keep people informed?

  • wants to get to know your people on a deeper level? 

All yesses? Then we could be a match.

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With my experience and personality, I offer one and two hour Masterclasses in English and Dutch. 

DIY My Personal Brand Board
In order to encourage and activate thousands of people to start clarifying and developing their Personal Brand, I have created the DIY (Do It Yourself) My Personal Brand Board and is leading during my Masterclass. 


Content Examples

  • Definition ‘What is Personal Branding’ 

  • Components of a Personal Brand

  • Personal and Team SWOT

  • Personal Brand pitch

  • DIY Personal Brand Board

  • Always tailor made based on needs

  • Optional: 60 minutes individual sessions



  • Discover qualities and talents that were under the surface

  • Feel confident about what you stand for

  • Motivation and happiness in the work that you do

  • Empower people by magnifying their strengths

  • Increased visibility realizes synergy with other departments

  • Business relationships will flourish based on trust 

  • Understand your people on a personal, meaningful level

  • Build a positive reputation

  • Welcome your authentic Personality 


Interested in my masterclass? 

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