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Karen Oldhoven grew up in Hengelo, the Netherlands with her parents and sister. In 2006 she lived in Los Angeles, United States where she worked in the luxury hospitality industry. After she returned to the Netherlands in 2007, she worked in the media industry for companies including JCDecaux and DPG Media. Additionally, she modeled in tv- and online commercials, was co-host on the radio, presented and hosted events. 

Her personality is enthusiastic and passionate, stands for quality, integrity and respect. Her goal is to encourage corporate professionals to understand their true value by creating their Personal Brand. People feel more confident once they crafted their authentic Personal Brand. 

She traveled solo around the world where she fed her hunger for curiosity and knowledge. Karen enjoys learning new cultures, meeting inspiring people and investing in personal growth. 

In 2019, she left her corporate job and traveled three months around the world. Ending her journey in New York, she was able to encourage entrepreneurs with their personal strategies. It wasn't until later that a friend said; “Karen, this is Personal Branding." that she found her next calling. When she returned to the Netherlands, her Personal Branding agency was born. 

Empowering women is what she strives for and uses her voice to encourage women to understand their value.
She manages talented female Personal Brand Linsey Sijmons and contributed with Personal Branding to the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, AWIEF - African Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers.


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“It was a successful event and everything went according to plan!

Thanks for your tip of proposing Karen as our moderator.”

~ Google, R. Jansen

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“We look back on a very successful event and moderator Karen contributed enormously. What a wonderful energy, super enthusiastic and well prepared in terms of content.

We are convinced that Karen's contribution has taken the event to the next level.”

~ L. Timmermans, Eventmanager

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“Good to work on your personal brand and great how you guided our HR teams with your workshop.”

~ S. Lems, HR Manager

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“Karen is a brilliant, engaging speaker and delivered her Personal Branding Masterclass for women entrepreneurs in our mentoring programme and was full of gold.


This session engaged entrepreneurs from Nigeria, India, UK, Ireland, Jordan, United States, Dominica and Turkey. She offers practical insight into such an important concept."

~ T. Adebayo-Oke, Program manager

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“It was a super fun and educational morning. And what a nice person is Karen! We received very positive reactions: it was educational and an eye-opener for everyone to become aware of yourself and what you have to offer. It was also explicitly stated that the start with the golden box was surprisingly fun.”

~ A. van Driel 

“In the search for renewed intrinsic motivation, I wanted independent guidance and someone who asks the right questions. Karen was inquisitive, gave clear feedback and got me back on track. Sharp and with the right focus I continue my career.”

~ I. Reuvekamp, Innovation Manager

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"As a Columnist for,, I share my opinions. Yet I realized that I needed a marketing strategy that elevates these activities and my brand to a higher level. 

We first did a Personal Branding session to understand my business, brand and passion. Karen has a knack for asking questions to get to the core and has a pleasant personality. 


Based on the feedback, she created a strategic marketing plan. Then broke the strategy down into activities, messages and many other valuable suggestions. She has gone above and beyond my expectations."

~ Founder, I. Kerling

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