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Jamie Faber

Founder & Creative Director

Jamie and I have known each other since 2013 and our paths crossed again. This talented socialite is the founder and creative director of fashionable, shoe label So Jamie.


It is my passion to bring people and brands together, because companies don't buy from companies. People buy from people. With matching values and goals, our collaboration is born! 

Her story

Jamie started out as a stylist for tv shows Idols and Popstars, but after years she sought challenge and found her passion. Entrepreneurship is in her blood and when it comes to shoes, she missed fashionable, high quality, yet affordable shoes.


There it was, the establishment of So Jamie Shoes in 2013 with collections for women and kids. With 200+ locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK, this power lady offers consumers stunning collections for every outfit. 



Dutch Socialite

Her personality starred in tv shows RTL Boulevard, Olcay &, Straatarm Straatrijk. Interviews in media outlets such as Grazia, LINDA, Beau Monde, AD, de Telegraaf and many more. 


Influencing Shoe Designer

Launching a (new) product, service or exclusive promotion that deserves all the attention? Give your message a boost with Jamie Faber's signature campaigns that your followers will not pass unnoticed. Visit her Instagram here.

Raise awareness and engagement 

Your marketing campaign needs attention, true eyeballs? Jamie is your answer to convey your message in an authentic, honest way. 


  • Creative Shoe Designer 

  • Interests: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Automotive

  • Honest, down-to-earth with a warm heart

  • Absolute goal getter

  • Single mom and has a beautiful twin sister



Instagram Influencer partnerships, limited editions and personalized collaborations.


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