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Meet our Personal Brands

Talented influencing Graphic Designer Linsey Sijmons, creative shoe designer Jamie Faber and international Hair & Make-up artist Monique Brinkhorst are represented by Brand New Personality.


The future of branding is personal. Companies don't buy from companies, but people buy from people. Real, authentic stories is what consumers want to hear, feel and see with their own eye balls. 

Female entrepreneurs 
Representing entrepreneurial, independent women that influence their clients and followers with everything they do. They generate awareness, engagement and drive positive results for our clients. Meet Linsey Sijmons, Jamie Faber and Monique Brinkhorst.

BNP Ladies def.png


Why we exist

Our goal is to transform your consumers into brand lovers through repetitive partnerships with these authentic, one-of-a-kind personalities. No one-off campaigns, because one is none. We believe in long term partnerships based upon trust.






Bring your brand, product, service to life with Linsey Sijmons and Jamie Faber and Monique Brinkhorst.


Interested in a collaboration? 
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